Perkville clients have access to a wealth of loyalty program data. One way that we’re seeing them take advantage of it is to run more effective email marketing campaigns. Here's how…

Step one: capture loyalty member data in an email marketing tool

Perkville clients first integrate their loyalty program with their email marketing platform. For example, MailChimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Emma, Epifany, and Listen360. The data points they collect vary depending on the program. But some popular options include:

  • Program status (joined or not joined)
  • Point balance
  • Customer lifetime points
  • Survey responses
  • Actions like referring a friend, redeeming a reward, or completing a challenge

This data is then used to create segments and personalized emails so they are more likely to be opened and read.

Step two: use loyalty program data to create emails that drive customer retention, referrals and sales

With the data collected, businesses can create emails that are relevant to customers. Here are some examples of how this looks in practice:

"You’re almost there!"

A customer reaches a certain point threshold and receives an email that they are close to a reward. These messages create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to keep engaging with your business. They are more likely to take action (e.g. make a purchase) if they know they'll reach a reward.

Hi {Customer Name}, You're almost there- you have {point balance}. Just {reward-cost - point balance} more points and you can redeem a {name of reward}. Visit our rewards website to see all the perks.

“Join our rewards program"

A customer not in the loyalty program receives an email with information about how to use it and what benefits they will receive. The email includes a call-to-action (CTA) to sign up for the program. We might see this campaign run alongside a promotion bonus that offers extra points for sign-ups.

Hi {Customer Name}, If you haven't joined our rewards program yet, now is the perfect time! You'll receive a 100 extra points on top of the standard 25 points we already award if you join by {date}. Benefits of our rewards program include: A free month of membership. A buddy pass for a friend. Special discounts and offers throughout the year. To join, visit our rewards website. It's easy, and you'll start racking up points right away.

“Thank you for being a loyal customer”

Loyalty program members receive email communications that are different from email subscribers who are not in the program. These messages might include exclusive coupons, early access to sales, or member-only content like tips and tricks. It’s a great way to make your loyalty program members feel special.

Hi {Customer Name}, Welcome to our loyalty program! As a member, you'll receive exclusive communication about new products or services before anyone else does. You'll also have access to contests and giveaways exclusively for loyalty program members. We appreciate your business and look forward to rewarding you with great benefits. Thanks again for choosing {Business Name}!

"Thanks for your referral"

A customer refers a friend and receives an email thanking them for their referral.  This kind of follow-up shows appreciation which can reinforce the customer's decision to refer others and encourage them to make additional referrals in the future.

Hi {Customer Name}, Thank you so much for referring your friend to {business name}. To show our appreciation, we've added 300 points to your account. You can use these points to redeem rewards like discounts, freebies, and more. We hope you enjoy your rewards, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

“What did you think?”

A customer visits your business or makes a purchase and an email is triggered asking them for a review of your product or service. This feedback can be used to improve your customer experience and drive sales.

Hi {Customer Name}, Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoyed your experience. To help us improve our service, we would appreciate it if you could take a quick survey and tell us what you thought. As a thank you for your feedback, we'll add 100 points to your account. You can use these points to redeem rewards like discounts, freebies, and more. Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you again soon! Best,  {Business Name}

"We miss you!"

A customer has been inactive for some time and receives an email letting them know that they are missed. The email includes information about how to get back on track so they can redeem their rewards. This campaign might include special offers or complimentary points to incentivize customers to resume their activity.

Hi {Customer Name}, It's been a while since we’ve seen you. We’d love to see you again soon and will give you 100 extra points if you make a purchase before {date}.  You can use these points to redeem rewards like discounts, freebies, and more. We hope to see you soon!

If you expire points, you can also win customers back by offering to reinstate their expired points as well.

Hi {Customer Name}, We’d love to win back your business. Make a purchase by {date} to get your {expired point balance} expired points reinstated. Redeem them for great rewards like discounts, freebies, and more.

Step three: measure email performance and adjust accordingly

The last step is to measure email performance and adjust the campaign accordingly. This might include A/B testing different subject lines, changes to email content, or sending emails at different times. By constantly measuring and tweaking email campaigns, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your loyalty program data.

About Perkville

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