The more customers that complete surveys, the more data you have to improve your service. Providing an incentive to take a couple of minutes for the survey can demonstrate to customers you value their time. We're automating this through an integration with Epifany, a leading customer survey platform.

A customer feedback survey on mobile.
Epifany and Perkville enable you to automatically reward customers with loyalty points when they complete a survey.

About Epifany

Epifany is a custom survey platform that makes it easy to view results in real-time and respond to individual user feedback. Create, design, and implement custom surveys that are meant to get the right information, from the right consumers at the right time. Reach out to learn more or schedule a demo!

About Perkville

Perkville offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) customer loyalty and referral platform. We automate the experience by integrating to point-of-sale, scheduling, membership systems, and now Epifany. Schedule a demo to learn how Perkville can help your business - we’d love to chat.