Discover companies who have found success with Perkville

9Round partnered with Perkville in February 2017 to motivate their members with customizable rewards.

O2 Fitness searched for a customer rewards program that would be</p><p>easy to use. They&#x27;ve already realized 2054% ROI with their Perkville rewards program.

Xercise4Less, a growing UK-based gym chain with 57 locations, sees 20 new referrals per location per month with its Perkville rewards program.

The Pure Barre pilot was run to compare revenue for locations using Perkville to locations not using Perkville.

For California Family Fitness, a win back campaign powered by Perkville was their answer to improving retention.

UAB wanted to improve retention and referrals. UAB’s focus was on developing the habit of visiting their facility weekly.