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Challenges feature

We’re excited to announce the release “Challenges”, a way for you to automate and digitize challenges that you may already be running at your  business. You can create challenges to incentivise activity during a specified date range or if you have membership, you can create a new member challenge. You can customize the challenges to have any number of requirements such as:

  • Spend $100 on retail
  • Check-in to our club 8 times
  • Take 4 classes
  • Refer one friend

Who can participate in a challenge?

Challenges may be restricted to active members, active rewards program members, certain locations, custom attributes and within a specified number of days of a member joining your business if you offer memberships.

What activities can be required in a challenge?

The challenge requirements can be tied to a standard earning rule in your reward program (checking into your business, spending on retail, etc.) as well as Progress Activities which are activities that are not part of your reward program. Progress Activities do not earn points and are only for tracking behaviors. Should your business want to track certain things, like attending a class or signing up for a membership, but not give points for it, you would make use of Progress Activities.

How are customers notified about a challenge?

The challenge is merchandised in emails and on the site. We have some new emails: challenge invite, challenge progress update, and challenge complete. Customers can choose to opt out of challenge-related emails if they so choose, as there are two new email preferences manageable in their emails settings. We automatically send challenge invitations to eligible customers when they do an activity in the challenge. Challenges will be displayed on your rewards website and customers can view their challenge activity at any time in their rewards account.

How can I turn on this feature?

In Perkville, go to settings and click on Challenges on the left side of the page. You will see an option to Create a Challenge and be prompted to fill out the necessary information to set it up. Once the challenge is created, add the requirements to complete it and points to be rewarded at the end. You also have the option to reward customers just for participating so that those that join the challenge but don’t complete it can still get something for their participation. Select Launch when done to make your challenge live. It will now show up under Current Challenges where it can also be managed going forward.