We are excited to announce new features for Perkville's integration with ABC's next generation club management solution, ABC IGNITE. Mutual clients can now…

  • Create a seamless flow of referrals from Perkville to ABC’s CRM software, IGNITE Sales
  • Automatically create trial membership access from leads captured in Perkville
  • Automatically post front desk alerts based on Perkville activities like when a referral completes

Create a seamless flow of referrals between ABC IGNITE Sales and Perkville 

Once you capture a referral in Perkville, that prospect will sync to IGNITE Sales where you can put them into an automated follow-up schedule, eventually turning them into a loyal member. Also, when a referral flows from Perkville to IGNITE Sales, the person who referred them stays attached so you always know who referred whom.

Create a prospect in ABC IGNITE with Perkville 

When a referred friend claims an offer in Perkville, the integration automatically creates a prospect record in ABC IGNITE. Additionally, an offer can be issued to the prospective member, like a free week of membership or a day pass, if a gym wishes. Front desk staff won't have to worry about manually transferring data between the two platforms.

Create a check-in alert in ABC IGNITE with Perkville 

When a member checks into the gym, Perkville activates an alert in ABC IGNITE at the front desk. This enables club owners to communicate with their staff about member interactions in Perkville that might need attention. Gyms can set the parameters for an alert, such as color, message content and terms as it relates to Perkville, and expiration date. The following are examples of alert set ups: 

Monthly Check-In Bonus 

{MemberFirstName} is one check-in away from their monthly 25 point bonus! Give them a word of encouragement. 

Thank member for referral 

{FirstName} referred their friend {firstName}. Thank them for the referral! 

Member joined challenge 

{FirstName} just joined the {ChallengeName} challenge. Wish them luck as they work toward their goals!

Check-in alerts notify the front desk of important information about gym members or their agreements.

How to get started with ABC Fitness Solutions and Perkville 

To set up this automation, health clubs simply need to contact us at support@perkville.com. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about setting up these features or anything else related to our integration. 

What is ABC Fitness Solutions 

ABC Fitness Solutions is the premier provider of software and related services for the health and fitness industry. Building on a reputation for excellence in support for clubs and their members, ABC is the trusted provider to boost performance and create a Total Fitness Experience for members of clubs of all sizes, whether a national franchise, regional chain or a local gym. Founded in 1981, ABC helps nearly 16,000 clubs and facilities in 116 countries perform better and more profitably, offering a comprehensive SaaS club management solution that enables club operators to achieve optimal performance. ABC Fitness Solutions is a Thoma Bravo portfolio company, a private equity firm focused on investing in software and technology companies (thomabravo.com).

What is Perkville 

Perkville offers a way to create and manage your customer loyalty and referral program. We automate the experience by integrating to point of sale, scheduling and membership systems.