January is perhaps infamous for its role as the month of resolutions, exercise goals and new business initiatives.

As a business owner, you’re looking to start the year of strong, bringing in new clients and members while still keeping your current customers happy and retaining all of the new people that you’re bringing in. As a yogi / gym rat / New Year’s resolution devotee, your clients and members are looking to up the ante with their exercise regimes, hitting your gym or fitness studio more often to see results that much more quickly.


Luckily, there are a handful of tools to help your members and your business achieve each of those goals – and they’re built right into your Perkville rewards program.

Hitting Your Retention Goals with Point Bonuses

Point bonuses offer a fun, gamified way for your customers to work toward their own goals of consistency and growth – while also helping you hit your business goals on the side.

The Time Bonus

The Time Bonus allows you to offer extra points to those customers that come in during specific times of day. For example, you can assign double points to any of your earning activities completed by your customers between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The best time to schedule a time bonus is during your already slower hours. This will incentivize your customers to come in during those notoriously sluggish times while also increasing their frequency of visits due to the extra points. While they’re working toward those extra points, you’re helping even out your customer load and bring in people during times where you don’t see as much business.

The Frequency Bonus

Perhaps the most powerful when it comes to influencing customer behavior, the Frequency Bonus is exactly what it sounds like: if your customers come in a certain number of times in a defined time period, they get more points. You set the weekly and monthly threshold, and they can watch their progress toward the goal in their Perkville accounts.

This feature is especially powerful when it comes to fitness businesses. By adding a Frequency Bonus to your rewards program, you’ll incentivize your customers to come in more often, eventually making a habit of coming into your business. They’ll see results more quickly, and want to continue coming in frequently to keep it up.

The Promotion Bonus

January is also the perfect time to bring people into your business for overall growth. During this month, the Promotion Bonus is particularly effective at encouraging your customers to refer their friends to your business.

For a Promotion Bonus, you’ll choose a date range where certain earning activities are worth more points. For example, if you want to increase referrals during the month of January, you can attach a Promotion Bonus to your referral earning activity.

No matter what bonus you choose to incorporate into your rewards program, make sure that it aligns with your goals for that month. Using bonuses to help you hit your goals will in turn help your customers hit theirs.

How are you using bonuses to hit your business goals? Let us know in the comments below.