Check out our new Referral Overview Report,

This report can be used to get stats on the referrals sent and completed at each of your locations.  Businesses use it to monitor referrals as well as to evaluate the impact of referral campaigns such as double points this month on referrals.  

To view this report go to My Business > Reports > Referral Overview.

referral overview report.png


What is Referral Sent Date Range?

The report can show the number of referrals sent out by customers over a date range.

What is Referral Completed Date Range?

The report can show the number of referrals completed during a date range.

What is Referrer’s Perkville Status?

A customer can be Active or Pending in Perkville. Active customers have officially enrolled in your rewards program, and Pending customers have not.

What is Referral Source?

The report can show all referrals or can exclude those that came in from your point of sale or membership system such as MINDBODY or ABC Financial.  

Log into your Perkville account to view your referral activity today. For questions, please contact your Customer Success Representative or Perkville support.