Every day we speak with franchise owners about what they need in a loyalty program. Here are the features that come up most often:

Location-specific capabilities

One of the most important features franchises look for in a loyalty program is how well it can accommodate the needs of their multiple locations. For example…

Rewards and promotions

Franchises often need to tailor rewards and earning activities by location. This is especially true if they are franchised because it allows franchise owners to do things like: 

  • Running their own promotions and challenges 
  • Opt out of rewards that are not available at their location
  • Offer standard points and/ or rewards that are exclusive to their locations
A consumer choosing a location in a loyalty program from a drop-down menu.
Businesses want to tailor rewards and earning activities by location - especially if they are a franchised business.

Location grouping

Franchises like the option to group locations in their loyalty program too. For example, by franchise ownership or geography. This way the franchisor can quickly run reports based on these variables.

A referral report for a loyalty program that shows participating locations grouped by geography.
Location grouping feature enables franchisors to see data for related locations at once.

Reporting by location

Franchises want to know how their loyalty program is performing at each site. With reporting by the location they might see:

  • What % of customers are enrolling in the rewards program at each location
  • What rewards are customers redeeming at each location
  • How many customers are engaging in challenges at each location
  • How many referrals am they getting from each location

Location-specific access to customer data

Large franchises sometimes like to manage employee access to loyalty member accounts by location. For example, franchise A and franchise B are part of the same loyalty program but franchise A should not have access to franchise B’s customer data. This level of control protects the franchise as often the franchisees compete with each other. It also helps prevent employees from making errors on client accounts at other locations. With a loyalty program like Perkville, this is an optional setting to turn on.

A screenshot of an employee being given access to a loyalty program by location.
Some franchise owners look for the ability to manage employee access to loyalty program accounts by location.

Consider a Perkville customer loyalty program

Perkville offers all of the features discussed in this blog post. Our loyalty platform is used by companies of all sizes in the fitness, retail, and spa industries to drive customer retention and referrals across multiple locations. Check out these case studies to learn more.

Perkville rewards program on desktop and mobile.
A Perkville loyalty program has location-specific capabilities.

About Perkville

Perkville offers a way to create and manage your customer loyalty and referral program. We automate the experience by integrating to point-of-sale, scheduling, and membership systems. Schedule a demo to learn how Perkville can help your business - we’d love to chat.