Loyalty & Referrals

Fully featured loyalty and referral platform

Build a customized rewards & referral program to engage existing customers and reach new ones.

Perkville has integrations with many systems

Perkville has integrations with many point of sale, scheduling, membership and e-commerce platforms to provide an automated experience for you and your customers.

Build loyalty and retain your customers

Use Points to Incentive behavior

Create earning rules for the behavior you want to reward such as spending money, checking into your facility, attending appointments and referring friends,

Customers redeem rewards

Enable your customers to redeem points for rewards that you provide such as free product or service, discounts or free passes for friends.  You can also offer 3rd party rewards and gift cards by working with our partners.

Run promotions to drive additional behavior

Run promotions to gamify the experience and drive additional behavior from your customers

Run challenges to excite your customers

Create seasonal or new member challenges to excite your customers and get them to engage with more products or services are your business.

Create VIP program

Create levels such as gold, silver and platinum that are obtained as customers earn points unlocking VIP privileges or special rewards.

Get referrals and grow your business

Your customer refers a friend

Your customers can share special offers you create with their friends.

Friend receives the offer

Friends can receive the offer via text, email, or social.

Friend claims offer

Friends claim the offer by entering their information and becoming a lead for your business.

Friend buys

Friend makes a qualifying purchase and original customer earns referral points.

Run reports to track performance
Frequently Asked Questions
Do loyalty programs increase sales?

Loyalty program members tend to spend more than non-members, and they are also more likely to refer new clients. Referred clients convert into customers faster, spend more, and are more loyal than those who aren’t referred. Overall, loyalty programs are a great way for businesses to increase their sales and revenue.

How do I set up a loyalty rewards program?

Our team of dedicated Customer Success Representatives will assist you in designing an effective loyalty solution.  Schedule a free, no-obligation demo today to get started.

How does loyalty programs help businesses

Customer loyalty programs improve retention and drive referrals. Check out the case studies on our website to learn more.

Getting started is easy

Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about Perkville and how we can help you with loyalty and referrals.
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