This feature allows you to set weekly and monthly goals for your customers such as spending money, visiting your locations and referring friends. Customers earn bonus points when they achieve the goal that you've set up. Some examples of how this is used:

  • Retailers use it to get customers to spend more than they would have.
  • Fitness studios and health clubs use it to get members to exercise more regularly so they stay customers longer.
  • Businesses use it to get customers to check in on social media more often so their brand gets more exposure.

The settings include:

  • The action the bonus is for (amount spent, check-ins, referrals, etc.)
  • Weekly or monthly goal
  • Bonus points if milestone is acheived
  • Valid locations

The promotion is merchandised in emails and on the site. If you already have a Perkville reward program in place and want to learn how you can add a frequency bonus, check out this support article: Adding a Frequency Bonus

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