Segment is a customer data platform, which collects and uses user data from your websites, apps, and other digital properties. With Segment, you can collect, transform, send, and archive your first-party customer data. Segment simplifies the process of collecting data and hooking up new tools, allowing you to spend more time using your data, and less time trying to collect it.

You can also enrich the customer data you collect by connecting data from your other tools, and then aggregate it to monitor performance, inform decision-making processes, and create uniquely customized user experiences. You can also use Personas, Segment's identity resolution tool, to unify data from individual users to gain a wholistic understanding of their actions.

Integration Details

By using Perkville as a destination within Segment and by pushing data back to Segment, you can take advantage of Segments ability to receive and ingest data:

  • Award points and update Perkville users from data coming out of Segment
  • Track and identify Perkville activity in Segment, such as user earning activity, redemptions, and referrals