Prompt your sales team to call leads at key stages of the sales process. Prospects will know they matter. And no one will slip through the cracks again.
The 'Who to call next' is a simple yet powerful tool that automates your follow-up process. Call every new lead within 24 hours of initial contact. Schedule calls at the end of trial periods. Or phone new members to welcome them aboard.

Communicate with your leads effortlessly via SMS. Confirm appointments. Promote exclusive offers. Or announce special events. All without lifting a finger!
Did you know that SMS reminders increase appointment attendance rates by up to 40%? What’s more, promoting targeted offers via SMS dramatically improves engagement and conversion.
GymSales allows you to send automated SMS messages for whatever you choose. Prospects can also reply – with all responses captured within the GymSales interface.

Import new leads and export converted clients seamlessly - no matter what software you use.
GymSales Integrates with all major lead generation and club management software. And for any systems we don't integrate directly, our Zapier integration will allow a quick setup.

GymSales displays all KPIs on the dashboard to constantly drive your sales team. Use our industry best practice defaults. Or set your own KPIs across 12 metrics including conversion rates, booked appointments and attempted phone calls.
GymSales produces insightful reports to help you:

  • Measure performance against targets
  • track new inquiry sources
  • measure campaign effectiveness
  • learn why leads are won or lost - and uncover likely predictors.

Integration Details

GymSales and Perkville work together to create a seamless flow of referrals from one platform to another. Once you capture a referral in Perkville, that prospect will sync over into GymSales. Once they are in GymSales, you can put them into an automated follow-up schedule, eventually turning them into a loyal member. Also, when a referral flows from Perkville to GymSales, the person who referred them stays attached so that you always know who referred whom.