Gym Farm, a San Francisco based health and wellness software automation technology company, provides an integrative, data aggregation platform focused on enhancing consumer health and wellness experiences. Gym Farm’s HealthData Network connects fitness clubs and health insurance companies through a proprietary process to automate incentives and rewards. Gym Farm’s features and services seamlessly bring together industries to enhance business operation and customer understanding while providing consumers an enhanced, innovative experience.

GymFarm’s network has proprietary integrations with 9500+ fitness clubs (and growing) as well as direct integrations with connected equipment within those clubs (Precor, Life Fitness, etc.) and within the home (Peloton, Nautilus brands, etc.). The network also includes data from wearable technology and aggregates all the data about an individual into one platform, creating a true connect fitness environment. From there an individual is able to control the sharing of their data to companies and organizations to receive rewards and other benefits.

Integration Details

Gym Farm automatically pulls data from Perkville through an API integration. The integration allows for a seamless and easy to use experience from your custom app.


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