Gleantap is a multi-channel engagement platform for fitness & wellness clubs. It allows clubs to setup behavior & time-based automated texting, emailing & push campaigns to drive members back to the club.

Gleantap integrates with your business POS & CRM software and your loyalty program providing you a fully integrated solution that continues work in the background boosting loyalty, reducing churn and increase your customer lifetime value.

Leverage the power of Text Marketing. Did you know 95% of the text messages that get sent out are read within 5 minutes of receiving it?

Gleantap uses AI & Machine Learning to understand your customer behavior patterns & attributes and help you identify which customers are more likely to churn. It also creates an ideal customer profile for you that helps in tailoring your marketing campaigns to drive more lifetime value.

Integration Details

Gleantap integrates seamlessly with Perkville API to power your perkville adoption and referral campaigns. Gleantap syncs up both ways with Perkville giving clubs the following benefits:

1. Increase Perkville Adoption - Send out text notifications & reminders to new members to join perkville. Send out reward points balance to customers frequently keeping them engaged and motivated.

2. Boost Referrals through Perkville - Allow members an easy way to send out referrals by just texting REFER and friends email address.


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