Our scheduling software makes booking fast, easy, and freeing for your clients, whether that's on your website, on their phones, or on Facebook. Booker's POS system makes paying effortless—online, at the front desk, or while they're saying goodbye. All of your client info, reporting, staff scheduling, payroll, and commissions are stored in one place.

What’s more—the Booker Marketing Suite can take your marketing to the next level. The Booker Marketing Suite gives you more effective ways to connect with clients and keep them engaged, as well as the metrics you need to gauge success.

Fill slow days and last-minute openings, increase repeat business, and lock in recurring revenue, automatically. Create, send, and schedule customer emails and texts, special offers, and membership updates to keep your customers coming back—again and again.

Integration Details

Award points automatically for:

  • Appointment attendance filterable by treatment type
  • Sales filterable by package, product type and treatment type.


Membership System