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Join the Perkville Marketplace

List your offer. Get customers.


It’s free to list your offer to the marketplace.

How The Marketplace Works


Create an offer to attract new customers.


Businesses include your offer in their loyalty program.


Customers redeem points for your offer, then come to your business

Why Join the Marketplace?

  • Free. It’s free to add an offer to the marketplace.
  • Grow your business. Expand your reach to gain more customers.
  • Works for any business. Brick and mortar or online, any business can list an offer.

Bring in more customers by joining the Perkville Marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It’s free to post an offer to the marketplace. The only cost to you is what is included in your offer.

How does redemption work?

Members of a loyalty program cash in their points for your offer. Then, they visit your business in person or online to take advantage of your offer.

What offers work well?

An offer that includes a small free product, 50% off a service, or a free week membership will work well in the marketplace.

How big is the audience?

Any Perkville business can use the marketplace, meaning that your offer is available to all 3M Perkville users that have access to your offer through a loyalty rewards program.

Can I limit redemptions?

You can limit redemptions as you see fit. By setting a limited on redemptions, you’ll limit the number of times a single user can redeem their points for your offer.

Do marketplace offers expire?

When you create an offer, you’ll select a date range to decide how long your offer will be available to customers, thus determining when your offer expires.

Bring in more customers by joining the Perkville Marketplace.