Perkville’s new point expiration feature will automatically expire points, making point management even easier. We outlined the basics below, but don’t forget to click on the links for a walkthrough of the setup.

Point Expiration Due to Inactivity

All businesses, regardless of point of sale integration, now have the ability to expire points for customers who have been inactive for a period of time. This will prevent someone who no longer frequents your business from redeeming points, while reminding other customers to keep coming in so their points don’t expire.


Expiring Points for Cancelled Members ABC/MINDBODY

If you have cancelled members and would like to remove their point balance in Perkville, you can now use the 'Point Expiration' feature. Currently this feature is only available for businesses using the ABC or MINDBODY integration but will be available for other integrations soon. Please note, if you are a MINDBODY business with a mix of memberships and packages, or do not use memberships, we recommend against expiring points when a membership is cancelled.

track membership-1

Expiring Points for Pending Customers

Businesses now have the option to to expire all points for customers who have not yet joined the rewards program. To join your rewards program means that they have confirmed their email address and name, created a password, and clicked 'Join Program' for your business specifically. This will apply to all currently pending customers, as well as those who are added to Perkville after this feature is turned on.

expiring points pending customers

By setting up point expiration, you can better manage your points liability. We recommend this feature for any business where liability is a concern. Additional questions or comments? Please contact us at