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While referrals are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to bring in new clients who are excited about your services, the holidays present an even more exciting opportunity for referrals, which is why they’re the perfect reason to implement a referral program at your business.

Here are three reasons why.

Referral programs help you stand out.

Whether people are seeking out new buying options because they’re shopping for someone specific, are looking around in a new town or are just stumbling upon new businesses, the holidays often introduce people to new opportunities that can distract them from staying loyal to your business.

That said, other studios, salons and spas in your area are probably upping their own offerings to bring new and returning customers into their business. Holiday specials, events and higher levels of front-desk cheer can facilitate greater loyalty even with new clients, meaning that your business may need to offer more to keep your customers especially happy and excited.

Offering a referral program at your business can give you an extra edge to draw your loyal and customers back and your prospective clients in during this busy time of year. Not only will you be rewarding your returning customers, but you’ll also expand your customer base.

A referral program can help you double your client base.

With a referral program, all you need is for each of your customers to bring one of their friends to your business, and you’ve doubled your client base.

And, as mentioned above, the holidays bring with them a certain boost in offerings and customer service. This means that those new customers will see you at your best, leading them to visit more often--and stick with you – after the holidays end.

Plus, You can also give your customers that extra push to come visit you during the holidays by creating an incentive for them.

For example, if you have a rewards program, you can offer bonus points for your customers that refer their friends anytime during the holiday months, during specific times of the holidays, or even multiple times during the season. This helps reinforce repeat visits while also offering your customers a reward for bring their friends into your business.

Referral programs help you meet your revenue and growth goals.

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to finish up the books for 2016 and look toward what 2017 is going to mean for your business.

By bringing in more new clients–and having your current customers more actively engaged in your business through a referral program–you increase your revenue numbers before 2016 ends and have a head start on your 2017 goals.

How would your business benefit from a referral program? Let us know in the comments below.