We spoke with franchise owner Wade Anderson of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness about how he grew two locations. Orange Shoe Personal Fitness-  Lakeview and Andersonville have increased revenue 149% and 33.8% respectively in the last year alone! Keep reading to learn more about Wade’s story.

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How did you get started in this business?

I was an independent personal trainer looking to take the next step towards entrepreneurship. While researching different franchises and business models I came across Orange Shoe Personal Fitness. I partnered with them to open a location in Chicago and eight years later here I am!

Now we have two locations in Chicago and continue to grow.

How has growth been the last couple of years?

Growth has been excellent. Our individual, small group, and in-home training are all on the uptick. We have talented team members, owners, and franchise owners. Overall we are very happy with where we are as a company.

How long did it take to open the second location?

We opened our Andersonville location in October 2016.

So far our growth model has been more of an organic growth.  We invest in our trainers and help them move on to entrepreneurship. For instance, I partnered with a former trainer at Lakeview (Ted Fournier) so that he could open his own Orange Shoe Personal Fitness and he is doing a phenomenal job (as you can see by his numbers). Ted is the perfect example of an Orange Shoe trainer taking the next step into entrepreneurship and killing it! Our growth model to date helps us to maintain the culture and integrity of the company.

Do you have any stats you can share on revenue growth?

Revenue was up 16.5% last month in January from December, and 33.8% from January 2017 at the Andersonville location. It increased 21.33% from December and 149% from January 2017 at our Lakeview location.

What do you attribute that kind of growth to?

We have a solid team and we’re client-centric. There are great people in our organization from the franchise owners, studio owners and of course the BEST trainers in the business.

What marketing strategies work for your business?

We’re community and client focused!  Last Sunday we led a big workout at Empirical brewery before the Super Bowl where 55 people attended. We also use social media, SEO marketing, are fortunate to have a good location, and we get word-of-mouth referrals from our awesome clients.

How is your business using Perkville?

We use Perkville to manage rewarding clients for referrals and training frequency. It helps with retention and referrals which every business needs to grow and reduces the amount of time I spend managing rewards and promoting our business.

What strategies do you use to get your clients engaged and excited about Perkville?

We make sure our clients are using Perkville, and they understand that points can be used for free training. We do the following:

What other software would you recommend that business owners use?

MINDBODY for sure. I even have stock in the company! Ha!

What key advice would you give someone thinking about opening up a studio?

My advice is to surround yourself with a good team and have solid systems in place. These two things are critical to success.