You now have the option to customize the email address that is used to send emails from your Perkville rewards program. This feature allows you to personalize the From: email address by adding your branded email domain.

You can now use your branded email domain to send Perkville reward emails.

There are a few steps involved in adding a branded email domain to your Perkville account. 

You’ll first need to create an email domain if you don’t already have one. Then, contact Perkville support at to provide this information. We’ll set up your email domain in our email system and generate CNAME records. Our support team will then follow up with the CNAME records for you to add to your DNS host. Please note: we cannot add the CNAME records to your DNS host, so you’ll want to know how to complete this step before setting up this feature.

The CNAME records will look something like this:

Brands need to contact Perkville support with their branded email domain so Perkville can enable the CNAME records.

Once you have completed this step, we will need to verify that the CNAME records were added correctly. After we’ve verified your DNS host, our team will update your account with the email domain and subdomain. You should be able to view your updated email settings on your Business Info settings page:

Brands can view their updated email settings on their Business Info settings page.

To learn how to add a custom reply-to email, please click here

You can also choose a different From full name for your Rewards Program Name

Keep in mind that your Rewards program name is the name that we use by default when sending out emails. If this field is blank, then we’ll use your Business Name.

Brands can use a different ‘from’ email name for their rewards program or their business name.

However, the name entered in the From full name field will be the primary name we use to send out emails and will override your Rewards Program Name.

The name entered in the From full name field will be the primary name that Perkville uses to send out emails.


That’s it! Now, you’re all set to have rewards program emails come from your own email domain. If you have further questions, please reach out to