Whether you’re looking to get your rewards program off the ground, or you’re thinking that a relaunch will help you increase customer adoption, social media is one of the best ways to get the word out about your custom rewards program.

We put together a two week plan to help you spread the word.


Two weeks ahead of launch (or relaunch), you’ll want to announce that your rewards program is on the horizon. Give an 1-2 sentence explanation of what a rewards program actually is and relay to your customers what’s in it for them.


Now’s the time to let your customers know exactly when they can expect your rewards program to go live. Give them this heads up and announce any events that you’re planning on hosting with your rewards program launch. It doesn’t hurt to link to a blog post or a PDF of an email that you sent out explaining what your rewards program is, how it works and when it’ll kick in.


Keep the excitement going a few days before you launch your rewards program by posting a cool “Powered by Perkville” graphic or flyer on your social channels. We even created some rewards program flyers for you.


Two days before you launch, remind your customers how your rewards program works. You can even give some examples of what your customers can redeem their points for, what earning activities you’ll have in your rewards program, and more. Don’t forget to include the date that you’re planning to launch.


The day before you launch, engage with your customers (and get their feedback on your redemptions) by asking them what they’d like to win with their hard-earned points. This can give you ideas for what to include in your rewards program, while also helping you increase your social media engagement.


You made it! Now your job is to get people through the door and using your rewards program. Think about hosting a launch party or offering double points to those customers that come in during the hours of your launch.

You don’t have to use these captions, and it helps to have images, links or gifs to go along with these posts. You know what your social audience responds to – use those similar tactics when announcing your rewards program.

Want to learn more about marketing the launch of your rewards program? Check out our guide with tips on email marketing, community events, staff training, social media and more.