We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about best practices for setting up earning and redeeming rules, and we’d like to share our lessons learned!


  • Reward what your customers do most frequently since that will be the foundation of the program.  If you’re a gym, reward check ins. If you’re a yoga studio, reward attending class. We recommend 5 points for each check in or class attended. This way, customers stay engaged with the program because they’re earning frequently.  
  • Generously reward referrals as those are incredibly valuable for your business. We recommend for each referral that it should be enough points for at least one of our rewards. Referrals point will not go through until the new customer earns points.


  • We recommend at least 3 redeeming options with different levels.
  • - We’ve even heard from The Bar Method Inglewood that Perkville can help convert repeat customers into new members through rewards.
  • Make less expensive rewards equal to 30 or more of the frequent activity your customer do.  For example, if you’re rewarding gym checkins at 5 points each, make an inexpensive reward worth 150 points or more.  
  • Offer rewards like t-shirts or gym bags where the customer’s use of the reward markets your business.
  • Offer a reward that drives additional referrals like a “Free month pass for a friend”.  
  • Offer rewards that upsell additional services. For example, if you’re a gym that offers personal training, then offer “30% off your first PT package”.  
  • Partner with nearby businesses like restaurants or spas. They might offer discounts for your members at no cost to you such as a “Free massage” from a spa or a “Free appetizer” from a restaurant. In exchange, you’re marketing their business to your customers by including them in the program.