Perkville points aren’t just for rewarding customers' actions. You can also give points for when and how often those actions are completed.

With the new Frequency Bonus and Time Bonus, your customers earn extra while bringing you more business at key times. Here’s how it works.

Consistency is key

It’s time to make your business part of your customers’ everyday life. How? Help them form habits by adding a Frequency Bonus to your loyalty program.

The Frequency Bonus is exactly what it sounds like – your customers receive bonus points for coming in multiple times in a week or month.

You can give bonus points for checking in to Facebook, tweeting, signing in at the front desk, or referring several of their friends. If your customer hits two, three, five or x of these actions during your specified time period, they get bonus points (defined by you) on top of the points they already get for performing those actions.


To get started with your Frequency Bonus, think about your retention goals and your customers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you aim to have them come in semi-monthly, weekly, or several times a week?
  • Is your business one that relies on repeat customers (retention) or bringing in new customers (referrals)?
  • Are there certain weeks / months that are slower than others?

With these answers in mind, you’re ready to set up your frequency bonus.

Make your Frequency Bonus count

The Frequency Bonus can work wonders for upping your customer retention, referrals and revenue. Depending on your business, you should use the frequency bonus the following ways:

  • Gyms- Incentivize your members to attend regularly and help make visits to your club a habit. Try rewarding an extra 100 points for any members that sweat it out 4 times a week, or 12 times a month.
  • Yoga- Offer bonus points for students who refer three or more friends a month or who attend six classes a month.
  • Spa / Salon- Hand out bonus points for customers that book two or more different treatments a month.
  • Retail- Give out some bonus points to customers for spending $50 in one month.

The best part? Frequency Bonuses form habits, meaning that even when your bonus isn’t in effect, customers who are used to coming through your door often will continue to do so.

Timing is everything

The Time Bonus feature is different from the Frequency Bonus in that it incentivizes your customers to come by your business at specific times, such as off-peak hours, during specific promotional times and more. (Psst, we recommend setting both of them up.)

Where the Frequency Bonus focuses on the number of times your customers take an action, the Time Bonus offers bonus points to customers that visit during certain hours, times of day or days of the week.


Say you own a yoga studio, and you want to fill up a new class that you’re offering for students. Only problem is, the only spot in your schedule is 10am on a Tuesday, and that has historically been a slow time for your studio. With the Time Bonus, you can give double, triple, quadruple or x times the amount of points to anyone that checks in to your studio during that time, motivating them to try your new class.

Time to set up?

You can set up a Time Bonus all day on your slowest day of the week, or choose the slowest hours of each day to encourage more people to come through the door. Here are some ideas for great time bonuses:

  • Gym- Award double the points for members that come into your gym between 10am and 11am or 1pm to 4pm, or any other time that is usually slow.
  • Yoga- Give extra points to students trying your new classes or during times where classes are generally emptier.
  • Spa / Salon- Spread out your stylists and estheticians’ schedules by offering double the points for booking during their slower hours.
  • Retail- Get more eyes on your brand and more feet in the door during promotions and sales by offering extra points for Facebook check-ins, photos, tweets and dollars spent.


No matter what kind of business you run, the Frequency and Time Bonus features are there to help you bring in more referrals and returning customers, according to hours and rates that you choose for your business. If you haven’t already, check out our article on how to set up these bonus features in your Perkville account.

New to Perkville and want to learn more about how the Frequency and Time Bonuses can work for your business? Schedule a demo here.