It’s that time of the year when everyone gets together to eat and shop!  

For Perkville businesses, this is the best time to set-up a special deal for your clients to help work off the turkey by working out at your fitness center or walking/shopping at your store!  

We’ve seen some pretty creative deals that sell out quick. We thought we’d share examples.

To reward your current clients:

Send out a ‘Black Friday Deal’ by clicking on ‘One Time Deal’. One time deals typically last only 72 hours (3 days) to 96 hours (4 days).  This creates a sense of urgency since these are usually really good deals!

Here’s an example of one for half off juice and snacks at a gym. Clients only have 96 hours to buy.


Here’s one for half off personal training session for current members to purchase for themselves or for a friend.  Make sure to state the details of the deals because it may bring in new clients!  Customers only have 72 hours to buy.


Here’s a deal for current yoga students to use or to gift to friends.  It’s  for unlimited yoga for a month, but only 48 hours to purchase at the low price of $20!


Here’s one from a boutique that could be used off of anything in the store!  Often times, these are purchased as gifts for others.


It’s easy for you to set up and send your own deal through Perkville.  The customer buys the deal on Perkville.  We keep 30% commission and send you 70% each month.

For step by step instructions, please click here. Or contact!

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Black Friday!