Last week we announced the Stay Safe Page feature. It's a temporary feature which can give your members points for whatever you like, once per day, powered by the honor system. You can turn it on in your advanced settings.

We've seen lots of businesses turn this feature on as part of a greater strategy for connecting with their members. We highlight three below, with their permission:

Metabolic, a fitness studio group in New York, is showing off routines on Instagram. They've also created Metabolic Online, a digital fitness platform for their members, using Facebook groups. They're using their Stay Safe bonus as part of an overall effort to engage with their members online.

First Ascent Climbing & Fitness in Chicago is using their Stay Safe points to reward members for participating in their free live streamed yoga, fitness, and climbing training led by their instructors. "We may be socially distanced at the moment," they say, "but we can still move together. See you in class!"

Mecka Fitness, a fitness program in Pittsburgh, is creating a new workout video every day, and posting them on Insta, Facebook, and YouTube. They've also been live-streaming classes on weekdays, and alerting their subscribers every day about this content, plus other tips: meditation practices and other helpful information. Their Stay Safe page rewards members for engaging with this content, or for exercising in any way safely.

We're happy to see so many fitness businesses figure out ways of engaging with their members during this time, and are happy to see the Stay Safe page play a part in this effort.

  • 31 businesses have turned on their Stay Safe page.
  • 23 have had at least one Stay Safe earning event.
  • Of those businesses that have turned Stay Safe on, and had at least one earning event, the average number of earning events is 89, and median is 30.
  • The business with the most Stay Safe earning events so far has had 550.

If you haven't turned on your page, we encourage you to do so. It's a great way to connect with your member base. Please feel free to reach out to if you have questions about the stay safe feature.