Every now and then, we find a business that is using their customer rewards program in new and interesting ways. Whether through a Cyber Monday deal or a contest, businesses are getting creative with their Perkville points.

Eco Chateau, a wellness spa in San Diego, is a perfect example of a business taking their rewards program to the next level. The ladies at Eco Chateau recently held a contest at their spa to show their customers how thankful they were for their business, to celebrate their customers’ wellness journeys and to boost loyalty at their business.

A Contest for the Customer (Loyalty)

Eco Chateau held a contest from mid August through the end of September, where the winner received an all-expenses paid trip to Sedona, AZ. Each week, the top 3 Perkville point earners from that week were entered into the drawing, and they pulled one name at the end of the contest.

Perkville points were given for every visit and every dollar spent, with extra points for people that come in during slower time frames. Reward points were also given for referrals and social media posts, helping some people gain the edge when they weren’t able to come into the wellness spa as often. They even gave points out for feedback requests.

Why Run a Contest – Isn’t Perkville Enough?

Contests and Perkville go hand in hand, helping you as a business owner continue to gamify your customer loyalty. Perkville can act as the mechanism for people to earn points and complete specific activities, while the contest itself serves as the ultimate reward.

When asked why they decided to do such a big contest, Eco Chateau’s Nicole Turner said, “We celebrated our four year anniversary this September (it had been four years since we opened our Mission Valley location) and wanted to thank our guests for their continued support. This contest was our way of giving back the love they give to us.”

Going above and beyond for your customer is something that Eco Chateau knows all too well, which helps explain why they’ve been able to grow and foster the customer loyalty that they have.

“We appreciate that our guests choose to share their wellness journeys with us. Whether they come in to relax or are here to help combat cancer, we want to ensure that they leave feeling like they were genuinely cared for. Our guests are like family to us.”

Customer Loyalty Means More Than Spending Money

Nicole even started out as a guest, and then asked Eco Chateau’s owner Christine McDannell if she was hiring.

“Every time I was in the spa, I felt like the staff cared about me and my progress. It was a warm and inviting environment that is often hard to find in the chaos of life, so I knew I wanted to be part of it. I hope that all of our guests feel that same energy every time they are here.”

Nicole jumped at the opportunity to help her customers feel that way with this contest.

“It encouraged people to increase their visits, invite new guests and purchase more products/services. We even had people that would ask the front desk ‘What do I need to buy to be in the top 3?’.”

When asked what she’d try differently next time, Nicole said, “I think I would increase the knowledge of the contest among our guests. We advertised it in our weekly newsletter and social media, and we have a Perkville board that we update each month. We updated that board each week with the three people that were entered into the contest so that people could see how they were doing. I think if I could do it again, I would notify the people who were close (maybe top 10) to encourage them to boost their points to stay in the lead.”

“I would also ask each guest as they checked out if they knew about Perkville to get more people engaged.”

Perkville Leader Board.jpg

Customer Loyalty Doesn’t End with Contests at Eco Chateau

The contest isn’t the only way that Eco Chateau takes their Perkville program to the next level. Each month, the top point earner gets to spin the Wheel of Wellness, which gives them the chance to earn different goodies such as a water bottle, free service or a gift card.

“I used the Top 100 earners report [in Perkville] to figure out who was in the lead each week during the contest, and I also use that to pull the monthly winners,” says Nicole.

Eco Chateau is an amazing example of how you can make your Perkville program work for your business – and especially, for your customers.

How are you thinking outside of the box with your Perkville rewards program? Let usknow in the comments below.