You’re on social media. You send out emails often. But chances are, you’re missing out on a key component of your marketing strategy: your employees themselves.

Your front desk associate or other front-and-center staff members are some of your best marketing assets, especially when it comes to your rewards program. Part of your staff’s job is to spread the word about your rewards program and get your customers using it.

While your staff doesn’t need to know the complete ins-and-outs of your program, there are a few things that it helps to train them in so that they can help customers with their points and advertise your rewards program to new customers.

Talking About Your Rewards Program with Your Customers

Like we said, your staff is your best (and mostly free) advertisement. You’ll want them to be able to explain at a high level what your rewards program is, how your customers can earn points and how they can cash in those points for redemptions.

Make your rewards program part of your staff’s script when they talk to customers. If a customer asks any questions around “Why should I choose you?”, you can plug the rewards program as an added benefit for them.

Another option is to seamlessly tie it into your business model as a whole: the branded rewards program is part of your core business, and you can speak about it as such.

It also helps for your staff to know the basics behind how the rewards program works. Teaching them the following blurb can help them speak to the details of your rewards program when interacting with a customer.


Your staff members should also have a good idea about the different earning activities you have chosen, the frequency and time bonuses you offer and a few of the things that customers can redeem points for.  During your regularly scheduled staff meetings, go over any questions your staff might have and remind them of any new offerings that you’ve included in your rewards program.

Once your staff is trained in the basics of your rewards program, tell them to advocate for it as much as possible, whether they’re talking to new customers or your regulars.

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