Think of the Promotion Bonus as an evolved version of the Time Bonus that you always wished you had. You can choose a date range for your promotion to live through, and a point value that tacks on extra points for members who complete a certain earning activity during that time.

By setting up a Promotion Bonus, you’re incentivizing your customers to visit you during a particular date range and for a particular type of earning activity.

Making Your Promotion Bonus Work for You

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate your business and throw some extra points your customers’ way. The key to the Promotion Bonus is using it to achieve specific referral and retention goals.


Keep People Coming Through the Door During Slow Seasons

Every business has those one or two months out of the year where things move a little more glacially than others. Use the Promotion Bonus to incentivize your customers to come through the door during your slower months, whether that’s during summer or the winter holidays. You can also use the Promotion Bonus in conjunction with referrals to boost revenue. Offer a big bonus for referrals during months where you usually see a decline in new customers.

Get More Customers Registered for Your Rewards Program

Whether you’ve just launched or are looking to activate your pending customers, you can use the Promotion Bonus to give extra points to your customers that join your rewards program during a certain time period.

If you’re just launching your rewards program, add a bonus for customers that join your rewards program during the first 20 or 30 days, and let them know what’s in it for them through your marketing. If you’ve had your rewards program for a while but are thinking of a reboot or relaunch, offer bonus points to customers that sign up for your rewards program during a significant time for your business, whether that’s at the end of a quarter, during your business’s anniversary month or during a slower time of the year.

Celebrate Your Customers With an Appreciation Month

Depending on your industry, you probably have a specific month dedicated to celebrating your customers and all that they do to help your business thrive. Use this as an opportunity to reward your customers for visiting your business, spending money with you, or for contributing to your Facebook photo campaigns. Your customers will love the extra love and feel like they’re part of your success story, while you'll see an increase in retention and engagement.

Host a Black Friday Sale or a New Year’s Resolution Kickoff

It’s just about time to start thinking about your holiday marketing plans, and the Promotion Bonus is a great strategy to keep in mind. If you want to supercharge referrals or visits for Black Friday, host a Promotion Bonus for anyone that refers a friend that day. You can even run a contest for your customers, offering a prize for the customer who brings in the most new people during Black Friday. If you’re hosting a sale, offer a Promotion Bonus for customers that spend a certain amount of money with you on Black Friday.

New Year’s is also the perfect time for a Promotion Bonus. Offer bonus points for referrals during the first week of the year, especially if you’re running your rewards program at a gym or yoga studio.

No matter how you use the Promotion Bonus, it’s a win-win for both you and your customers. They rack up more points to put toward rewards that you’ve chosen, while you get closer to hitting your goals during times that you usually might fall short.

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