Much like your newsletters, your social media accounts are great marketing tools for getting new, old and pending customers to use your rewards program and help you accomplish your retention, referral and revenue goals.

Use the below templates for specific announcements, reminders and opportunities as they relate to changes and updates you’re making in your rewards program.

Give Updates on Any Bonuses You're Running

Every week, publish a post on your social media accounts about the bonuses you’re offering at your business. If you’re hosting more than one bonus, post more than once a week.

Time Bonus & Promotion Bonus


Frequency Bonus


Show Off Your Redemption Opportunities

Once a month, show off some of the great rewards that your customers can earn with their points. Pair these posts with a photo or graphic to get your customers excited about your rewards.


Share Reminders About Your Rewards Program

Once every two weeks, write a post reminding your customers to sign up for your rewards program if they have not already.


Keep to a regular posting schedule, where posts about your rewards program make up 5-10% of your overall social media output.

Posting about your rewards program once or twice a week – plus extra during certain promotional periods – can help keep your customers informed and interested in what’s happening with your program.