Want to take your business to the next level? Look no further than REX Roundtables, a program for owners and executives in the health and fitness industry. Recently, we chatted with Eddie Tock, President of Rex Roundtables, about how over 135 clubs and studios have benefited from joining the program over the last 25 years. Here are the top six takeaways.

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1. It's an opportunity to join other like-minded individuals who want to grow their business

REX Roundtables brings together 135 club owners and executives from all over the country, Europe, and Australia to share best practices. Each roundtable is made up of 15 to 18, non-competitive club owners, and is 100% confidential. They meet three times a year to cover topics related to Best Practices in customer acquisition, retention, marketing, consumer trends, strategy issues, and more.

There are currently 8 REX Roundtables for Owners & Executives, most of which are full, so they are starting 2 NEW REX Roundtable groups this fall. One is for studios and small clubs while the other will focus on larger clubs. As a REX member, you can also have you staff join other groups such as a roundtable for Marketing Directors, CFOs, or Personal Training Directors, all of which are designed to help the owners and executives improve their business.

2. Key players in the health and wellness industry are members of REX Roundtable

Over 75% of the most successful independent operators in the country are REX Roundtable members. This includes notable industry figures like Joe Cirulli, founder and CEO of Gainesville Health & Fitness, as well as, large operators like O2 Fitness, The Alaska Clubs, California Family Fitness, and Genesis. This means, members have an opportunity to learn strategies and tactics from clubs that have proven models.

3. There’s a REX Roundtable to support the success of small clubs and studios

Small businesses are welcome and encouraged to join REX Roundtables too. There is a new roundtable for small clubs and studios. The small business group meets twice a year for a day and a half, and also holds monthly conference calls for two hours every month to discuss business strategy. Cost to participate is $400/monthly, plus expenses, such as airfare, hotel, and food. This group is ideal for business owners that run 2- 3 studios, or a small club owner whose club is 4,000- 10,000 sq.ft. Additionally, Perkville will sponsor 4 Club/Studio Owners for their first meeting in September 2017! Any owner or executive can take this no-cost opportunity to check out a REX Roundtable, and the program in general.  To qualify - apply to eddie@rexroundtables.com

4. Businesses have seen huge improvements after joining a REX Roundtable

Some people have been REX Roundtable members for 20 years, and for a good reason. Their businesses have improved significantly in revenue and profitability since they joined. City Fitness of Philadelphia grew from one club to six clubs, and Chuze Fitness from three clubs to 20 going on 30 clubs, since they joined REX Roundtables.

5. Owners and Executives receive top-notch leadership development

Almost every group receives leadership training at the historic Gettysburg’s Battlefield or Little Bighorn site from Battlefield Leadership, a hand-ons corporate leadership and development program led by retired West Point historians and US Generals. As a REX Roundtable member, you’ll get a unique opportunity to learn valuable leadership lessons that come straight from the history books.

6. REX Roundtable teaches what won’t be taught at any industry conference

Club owners and executives cover three agendas at the roundtable. The first agenda focuses on optimizing day-to-day operations in business such as activities related to sales & marketing, research and development, and customer loyalty.

The second agenda focuses on developing a company culture and a strategy that will drive growth, for example setting up effective systems, and hiring the right people.

Third agenda addresses individual development and transformation through leadership development for owners and executives. The goals are to help owners and executives correct blind spots they may have that could hurt the business.

Want to learn more about REX Roundtable?

The next meeting is September 7-8 in Hudson Valley, New York. You can contact Eddie Tock for more information at Eddie@REXroundtables.com.