Four years ago, we decided to build an integration platform called Middle.  You can read about why here.  Creating Middle has resulted in Perkville being able to say “yes” to customer requests faster than before.  

Some examples of requests that we can now say yes to include …

  • Pushing reward program information to your marketing automation platform or CRM such as reward program status (have they joined or not), point balance and challenge activity.
  • Rewarding frequent visitors with more points such as the 4th visit of the month gets 50 points instead of the normal 5 points to incentivise engagement.
  • Rewarding insurance members or higher tier memberships with extra points when they check into the gym or studio since those visits can equal more revenue. 
  • Triggering front desk alerts based on reward program activity such as when someone completes a challenge or refers a friend so the front desk staff can congratulate customers.  

There is no additional cost to use Middle with Perkville so let us know if you’d like to set up special reward program rules to drive your business forward - we love saying “yes” to your requests.