Keeping your customers educated about your rewards program is the key to running it smoothly.

Consider the following: Customer are more likely to participate in a rewards program when they know how to – it’s as simple as that. They are also less likely to be confused about how actions like redeeming, frequency bonuses, and promotions work. This can lead to more customers using your rewards program's features that promote your business, like posting to social media and referring friends, and less valuable time taken away from staff to troubleshoot or answer basic questions.

At Perkville, we’re all about setting you up for success on our platform. Here is a quick guide to make sure your customers are well-educated about your rewards program.

What Do Customers Need to Know?

Let’s start with the basics. Below are key parts of your rewards program that customers should understand. If you need a refresher on how customers complete each activity, click on the link to go to our support page for more information.

Additionally, your customers should know that points are tracked with their email on file at your business, which may take up to 48 hours to land in their account. It's also important to educate them on what to do in Perkville when they update their email address.

If your program includes any exclusions, it’s a good idea to let customers know so they’re not upset or unhappy when points don’t land in their account. For example, a yoga studio may want to clarify that not all classes or membership series are eligible for points. A retail store that excludes some product categories from points can break down which categories are eligible to customers. Feel free to communicate exclusions in your own way, or detail them in the fine print of your rewards program by going to your Perkville settings.

How Can I Educate My Customers?

There are many ways to let customers know how your rewards program works. Your Customer Success Rep will go over them with you, but here are just a few ideas to consider:

Send Out an Email or Newsletter

You can outline your rewards program in an email or newsletter to your customers. Introduce Perkville as your partner, and highlight what your program will include and how to redeem. This is also an opportunity to drum up some excitement for your program. Let people know all of the great opportunities to earn points and what those points can be redeemed for.

If you’re not sure how to design your newsletter, try a cost-effective, online solution such as Constant Contact, Emma, or MailChimp, or use one of Perkville’s customizable email templates.

Add an Announcement Page to Your Business Website

Customers and prospects are already visiting your website for information or to book classes or appointments. Take advantage of this attention by adding an announcement page about your rewards program to your business website. Premier Yoga & Fitness does an excellent job of showcasing their program, and even included a FAQ on their announcement page. The benefit of displaying your program on your website is that the information is there for customers to view at any time, and you can easily update it to accommodate any changes to your program.

Post a FAQ Flyer Around Your Business

In addition to an online presence, you can cover the basics of your rewards program through a physical flyer. A flyer can encourage self-service by letting customers learn about the program on their own.  Try keeping a physical copy of your FAQ document around so customers can reference it any time they're at your business. Place your FAQ in an easy-to-find location, such as your community board or at the front desk.

Talk About Your Rewards Program on Social Media

Spread the news about your rewards program through your social media accounts. Successful businesses tweet or post about their rewards program at least once a month. You can post reminders about how customers can complete important activities for points. For instance, encourage them to register for your rewards program and include the direct link to your rewards page in Perkville. You can also motivate customers to earn points by referring a friend by promoting the link to your referral offer for people to share. Your rewards page and referral offer links are both available on your Perkville dashboard.

Still need some inspiration? Download Perkville’s social media templates for specific announcements, reminders, and opportunities as they relate to changes and updates your making in your rewards program.

The above is just a start for taking advantage of Perkville. Download our full guide for marketing and educating customers about your rewards program before and after the launch to grow your revenue and generate more leads.