Running an ABC Financial gym or business just became easier.

Last week, we released an update to our ABC Financial integration which included a real-time sync, meaning that ABC Financial business using Perkville for their custom automated rewards program will see their points awarded in real time.

People want instant gratification – and we believe that moving to a real time sync with ABC Financial will have a big impact on member engagement, retention and excitement around your rewards program.

Part of that is due to the new earning activities made possible from this update. ABC Financial businesses can now reward for member anniversaries, attending classes and signing up for a membership. All of these additions were created to increase retention and referrals in your club.

What do you need to do? Not much. The real-time sync is already up and running. If you want to reward points for the newly available activities, head to your Perkville account and click on My Rewards Program. Click the plus sign next to Earning Activities, and start awarding points.

Want to learn more about setting up these new Earning Activities? Check out our tutorial here.