Every business needs loyal customers.

If not just for the feel-good component of customer loyalty, it's also known that 20% of your customer base (loyal customers) makes up 80% of your revenue. That means your loyal customer base is a huge portion of the revenue you have coming in through your doors so it is essential to keep them happy.

Rewarding your customers for good behavior is a given. However, customers lose the will to come into your business for a reward that they’ve earned if they don’t care about that reward in the first place.

How do I get my customers to love my rewards program?

There are many types of loyalty programs, with points being a consumer favorite. Ease of redemption is the key to success.

Yiftee, an eGift and mobile promotions company, currently partners with Perkville to offer an eGift card and rewards fulfillment solution to their clients.

Yiftee can work with your existing loyalty programs, or be a simple way to reward your loyal customers ad hoc. You can offer your own store’s eGift Cards as rewards and serve a dual purpose to bring customers back in store. Or, let your customers choose from any eGift Card on the Yiftee marketplace of over 56,000 different locations including restaurants, spas, boutiques, entertainment, health clubs and online shops.

Here are some of the benefits that Yiftee has helped provide Perkville clients with:

  • Digital – eGift Cards are sent through email or text messages manually or triggered by certain activities. They live on your customers’ mobile devices, always with them and never sitting at home in a drawer.
  • Efficient – Want to send a gift right away? Or schedule it for later? You can sit down once and take care of a batch of rewards to be delivered, or set them up to go out automatically.
  • Reminders – Yiftee will automatically send out friendly reminders so that your customers make the most of their rewards.
  • Full Tracking – See how effective your loyalty rewards are. Track status updates from open, redemption, etc.
  • Cost Effective – Set expiration dates to your promotional eGift Cards and only pay for those that get redeemed.

Retro Fitness, a fitness club that boasts over 150-locations, currently offers Yiftee’s eGift card marketplace as their reward fulfillment solution. Robbie Spechman, CFO of Retro Fitness, is a huge advocate of the Yiftee platform: “Our members love having the option of redeeming their points for Yiftee eGift cards which can instantly be used at over 56,000 locations nationwide and Amazon. At the same time, we have eliminated item procurement, storage, packaging and shipping costs. Yiftee is a key component of our gift card, mobile promotions and rewards fulfillment solutions.”


Best part about this, your customers are more willing participants in your loyalty program when they are receiving rewards that they actually love! By offering a plethora of options for your customers – whether it’s a dinner at a nice restaurant, a day at the spa, or an eGift card to their favorite retail shop – you give the customer much more satisfaction and incentive to be more involved in your loyalty program.

Yiftee is currently offering a special discount for Perkville clients. Perkville merchants will receive a 20% discount off of Yiftee's first year annual subscription. This offer is good through the end of February so act quick! Schedule some time if you want to learn more.