Perkville is excited to announce an integration with Segment. Mutual customers will be able to implement an automated reward program leveraging the events they are already capturing in Segment with just a few clicks.

Introduction to Segment

Segment is a Customer Data Platform (CDP), which means that it simplifies the collection of user data from your digital properties (websites, apps, etc). With Segment, you can collect, transform and send this user information with one platform.

Introduction to Perkville

Perkville offers a way to create and manage your customer loyalty and referral program. We automate the experience by integrating to point of sales systems and now Segment.

How does the integration work?

Perkville is now a Segment Destination and you can reward customers for events and purchases tracked in Segment.  In addition, customer profiles in Perkville are created in real-time when sending events from Segment to Perkville.  

Perkville can also automatically send event data to Segment about reward program earning and redeeming transactions, challenge progress, and referrals. Segment can share this data with other connected Destinations. 


The following support article shows how to connect Perkville to Segment: Click → Here