Check out this podcast episode titled "Unlocking Studio Financial Prosperity: Terri Fry on Perkville, Profit, and Paying It Forward". It offers practical advice for studio owners looking to grow.

Key Quotes:

“The thing about coaching is that the single biggest obstacle in your way as an entrepreneur, is guess what? Yourself, [because] there is nobody to report to, there is no ultimate accountability.” [Terri, 4:13]

“You have to be able to pay your teachers, keep your doors open and do all those things, so money is not evil. What’s evil is what people choose to do with the money. [Terri, 9:32]

“The implementation process was really smooth. One of the things I love about Perkville is that they have all kinds of resources to help you launch your Perkville program.” [Terri, 10:31]

“Your KPI's tell your story. They tell the story of what's happening in your business, and they also tell you where your opportunities lay.” [Terri, 25:20]

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