OAKLAND, Calif—  March 13, 2018 — Perkville, the #1 loyalty and rewards program in the fitness space, today launched a new Integrated Partners Marketplace that allows gym and health club owners to find technology solutions that are integrated with Perkville’s customizable rewards platform. The marketplace, which allows users to search and filter options based on their unique business needs, may be found on Perkville’s website here: http://info.perkville.com/partners

Along with allowing Perkville clients to find technology solutions that best fit their business, the new resource also allows business owners and operators who are considering adding Perkville’s program to their location to see if it is integrated with technology they already use. Perkville’s broad partners list includes MINDBODY, ABC Financial, Daxko, Jonas Fitness and more, with new partners frequently added.

Users may filter results to include solutions such as CRM, heart rate monitoring, in-store marketing, membership systems, mobile apps, point-of-sale software, reputation management, rewards, scheduling, surveys, and texting capabilities. Perkville is a leading customer reward platform serving 2,300 locations worldwide, and Perkville’s system works with a wide variety of leading industry solutions.

“One of the best features of Perkville is how easy it is to integrate our fully-automated rewards program with other software and services,” said Sunil Saha, CEO of Perkville. “This means that as our partners provide a variety of solutions to help executives run their businesses, Perkville rewards operates smoothly alongside them, offering incentives that lead to increased customer loyalty and referrals. I am excited to offer this new resource to both current and prospective Perkville clients to help them find technology solutions that are suited to their needs.”

About Perkville

Perkville is a leading customer rewards and loyalty solution for businesses. Serving 2,300 locations worldwide, Perkville’s reward programs are custom-tailored for each company to drive customer loyalty, referrals and purchases. The platform integrates with many point of sale and mobile apps to provide a seamless experience. For more information, visit www.perkville.com.