As a business owner you know the importance of customer engagement. Perkville helps drive this by incentivizing posts to your business’s Facebook page and tweets that include your Twitter handle. Members post and tweet directly from their Perkville accounts (and earn points in the process!), while you earn valuable engagement outside the four walls of your business.

But if you’ve got more than one location for your business it can be difficult to decipher which location a customer is posting about. If you have separate Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for those locations, don’t fret! Now you can set Location-Specific social pages, too.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Perkville Admin, click the “My Business” dropdown, then select “Settings”
  2. Select your business account from the menu on the right, and click “Locations”

   3. Select the location, then enter its Facebook URL and Twitter handle

   4. Click Save, and you’re done!