A big part of Perkville’s value comes from its partnerships. For businesses our integrations with point-of-sale and customer management/scheduling softwares mean a rewards & loyalty program is just a few clicks away–ring up a sale, check in a member, and the rewards are automatic. But Perkville is about so much more than POS. Recently we announced our integration with Listen360, an awesome customer feedback engine. Today we’re excited to highlight another integration: EZIA Coach.

EZIA Coach is an online personal training and fitness-management app. It lets trainers build workouts from a vast library of exercise videos; manage clients, classes, and schedules; sell services online; and create a branded Web experience (mobile, too!). Meanwhile gym owners can use EZIA to create consistent programs among multiple trainers and locations, manage and schedule employees, and engage with members outside the walls of the gym.

“EZIA Coach digitizes the whole coaching experience,” founder/creator Isaiah Truyman said. “Trainers can create workouts for clients to do whether they’re face-to-face or remote, and track that client’s progress. It helps with both management–like scheduling–and training.”


With the Perkville integration, clients can earn points for a workout whether they hit the “Start Workout” button on the app or the trainer does. This translates to motivation even when the client is working out solo. Trainers and gym owners get all of the core benefits of Perkville–engagement on social media, a steady stream of qualified referrals, and improved retention overall. And with the flexibility of Perkville rewards, trainers and owners can offer discounts on future training or buddy passes to drive new revenue.


“In the end EZIA Coach is about making life easier for trainers and trainees,” Truyman said. “We integrated with Withings to track progress by including real-time biometric data. With Perkville we can drive retention by rewarding clients for the tough stuff. Training is hard, and any extra bit of motivation can go a long way.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

* Perkville is the leading member loyalty and retention program for gyms, retail, salons and more. Through readymade integrations with membership systems, Perkville automatically rewards customer visits, tracks referrals, drives social media, and more. Perkville is free for users, and offers monthly subscriptions for businesses.

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