The COVID19 epidemic is impacting the gym and fitness studio market. Customers are staying home, and some governments are requiring fitness locations to close, to lower the rate of new infections and keep vulnerable persons safe.  We have developed a new temporary feature to help fitness businesses support public health and retain customers during this time. We designed this feature to be available to anyone with an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone they have or if they have a wearable or not.

About the 'Stay Safe' feature

The new feature allows fitness businesses to reward customers for exercising outside of their gym or studio in a way that respects social distancing recommendations.

  • You can create a page that encourages customers to exercise in ways that are low-risk and respect social distancing recommendations (and gives them points for doing so).
  • On this page, there's a button which can have whatever text you like such as "I exercised (safely!) today."
  • When the customer clicks this button they will get a point reward and "Thank you" message.
  • The point reward is limited to once per day.

This feature enables fitness businesses to engage their customers when their locations are closed and also encourages good habits.  

Perkville - Settings-1

To set this up log into your Perkville account, go to Settings > Advanced and scroll down to the Stay Safe Page.  Complete the Stay Safe form and then toggle the page to “Yes” and click “Save” to publish. You will now have a link to share with your customers where they can checkin and continue to earn points with your business.  We recommend emailing the link as well as sharing it on social media.  If your business has a mobile app, you can sometimes create a tile or button and link it to your “Stay Safe” page.  Your members will be able to easily access it, plus it encourages them to still engage with the app where your business may be posting updates and content during this time.  Please note that this page will not display on your regular reward program page.  

Here is some example text that can help you get started with the form:

Body text:

To our loyal client,

With the uncertainty and fear swirling around COVID-19, our health and wellbeing has to be our priority right now. It’s important to remain active to keep yourself healthy, especially now, and we want to reward you for your safe fitness efforts.

Get rewarded for each day that you exercise safely. Click the “I exercised (safely!) today” button below, and get rewarded with points. We encourage you to bookmark this page and come back daily to record your safe workout efforts and get rewarded.

Together we will push through these challenging times and our community will come back stronger and healthier!

Button text:

I exercised (safely!) today

Bulldog Yoga - Special Message-3


Please feel free to reach out to if you have questions about this feature.