At Perkville, we think that your rewards program should be, well, uniquely yours.

Now, your Perkville rewards program will reflect your brand’s personality – complete with customizable colors and logos – throughout your customers’ entire Perkville experience.

In other words, you can put your business’s branding directly into your rewards program, in about twenty seconds flat.

Here’s how it works.

Rebrand your Perkville Rewards Program

To get started, log into your Perkville account. Head to the Branding section of your settings, and upload your business’s logo. Once you do this, you can customize your rewards program's color by either clicking “Match Logo” or choosing a different, coordinating color from the color selector. You can even put in your color’s hex code if you’d like.


Already have a logo? You’ll still need to choose a color on your Branding page, or choose to match your logo. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to really show of your business and effectively “brand” your rewards program. If you don’t choose a color, your page will switch to a default color theme.

Brand My Rewards Program

Where will this color go? All over the place. You’ll see it in your emails to your clients and throughout their experience.

Once you’ve chosen your color – either a unique one or one matched to your logo – your rewards program will be completely branded with your business. All we do is say “Powered by Perkville” in the footer.


How Your Customers Will See Your Rewards Program

With the new look, your customers will also be able to learn more about their earning activity, rewards, points and redemption opportunities, all from a central menu. They’ll also see recent points earned, vouchers that they can use, and more. They’ll even see whether they’re on track to hit a time or frequency bonus before time is up.

Get My Own Rewards Program


While the pages they’ll scroll through show them about different components of your rewards program, the top bar will always stay the same, prompting them to refer their friends or post to social media (and even contribute to your Facebook photo campaign, if you have one set up).

Plus, It Looks Great on Mobile

We also updated the mobile experience of your rewards program. Your branding, your colors, all in a more intuitive experience on mobile – where your customers are already spending their time. Check it out.


How does your new rewards program look? Tag us on Facebook and Twitter with #mynewperklook and we'll repost our favorites.