Whether national or regional, you know that no two outlets are the same. Different look, different feel, different customer demographics. Chances are you’ve adjusted your product offering from location to location. Now you can customize your rewards, too. With Location-Specific Rewards you can:

  • Limit the location(s) where a particular reward is offered & redeemed
  • Specify a region or group of locations for rewards and redemptions

Check out how Perkville all-star O2 Fitness is doing it:


By partnering with participating Sun Tan City locations (seven near O2 Fitness clubs) O2 Fitness is enabling its members to do something great for their appearance, and by default expanding its product offering.

The same holds true for participating locations of partner Massage Envy. With thirteen locations near O2 Fitness clubs, members can earn free massages, and give themselves a reward for all of that hard work at the gym.

Thanks to Location-Specific Rewards, O2 Fitness is offering whole-body wellness: tans, massage, and healthy meals with Custom Fit. And while we can’t comment on O2 Fitness’ partnerships, in some cases partner rewards can be negotiated gratis because the partner business is getting free marketing via inclusion in the rewards program.

Greater customization, partnership leverage, reciprocal marketing, new products…

Set up Location-Specific Rewards in just a few easy steps! Here’s how.