We introduced a new feature for multi-location businesses. You can now create location specific bonuses.

Businesses use this feature to incentivize the behavior they want to see at specific locations. Bonus points can be rewarded based on time, frequency, or a promotion such as double points day. Here are just a few examples of how it has been used:

Boutique Fitness

Boutique Fitness uses the frequency bonus to encourage members to check into the studio on Facebook at least twice per week.

FireShot Capture 4 - Boutique Fitness - Earning - https___www.perkville.com_biz_6160_earning_.png


YuBalance uses the time bonus to entice members to attend classes during less busy hours such as early mornings.

YuBalance ClubYu Rewards.png

Xtend Barre Huntsville

Xtend Barre Huntsville is rewarding double points for referrals in August to incentivize students to bring in their friends this month.

FireShot Capture 5 - Xtend Barre Huntsville - Earning - https___www.perkville.com_biz_8090_earning_.png

How to turn on

To turn on location specific bonuses, go to My Business > Rewards Program. Click on the “+” sign next to Bonus Activities. When you do, you will see the option to choose which locations the bonus will apply to.

FireShot Capture 7 - Perkville - Settings_ - https___www.perkville.com_settings_.png


For questions, please contact us at support@perkvile.com