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MYZONE clients can now integrate their members’ workout effort into their Perkville reward program.  

Perkville, the leader in reward programs for the health and fitness industry, announced today a new integration with MYZONE. The integration enables health clubs to give points in their reward program for members’ workout efforts tracked by MYZONE. For example, a member could earn 10 points in a club’s reward program for their effort during a 45-minute cycling class. This integration addresses the large health club market which, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) 2017 Global Report, contains over 200,000 health clubs and 162 million members.

Emmett Williams, MYZONE’s president and co-founder said, “The reality is that of the 162 million gym members in the world, only a portion of them are intrinsically motivated, to the point they would join a new gym within 30 daysof moving to a new house.”

“Most of the population we serve require some form of extrinsic reward to keep them focused," he continued. "They find exercise a chore, even though they are fully aware of the benefits. It is this majority that can be affected by the integration between MYZONE and Perkville. What better behavior to reward than effort applied towards exercise. MYZONE has gamified the process and now users can go one step further by providing rewards utilizing the digital platform of Perkville, designed to make this process frictionless.”

Sunil Saha, founder and CEO of Perkville said, “At the heart of working out is the heart rate, and MYZONE gives people that want to be fit the data they need to get healthier. Perkville is proud to integrate with a technology leader to help convert that effort into rewards.”To find out further detail about Perkville please visit