At Perkville, we’re constantly looking for ways to better our customers’ rewards programs and make your job easier.

Recently, we introduced a completely new feature to your rewards program – the Perkville Marketplace – to do just that. It's a free and easy way to make your rewards program more dynamic and automated, while also expanding your rewards offerings now for your customers.

Here's how it works.

What is the Perkville Marketplace

The Perkville Marketplace is a place where you can choose offers from other businesses to incorporate into your rewards program, allowing your customers to redeem their points for rewards from restaurants, stores, studios, cafes and more.

This is an excellent way to keep your own program cost low, while bringing in new rewards to shake things up and keep your customers engaged. The best part? You can add as many marketplace perks as you’d like. Just make sure to choose rewards that make the most sense for your customer base and don’t compete with your business.

Why Add a Marketplace Offer to Your Rewards Program

Why not – the marketplace is free to use! Plus, it helps you automate your customer loyalty efforts. Because everything is done in the background, you don’t have to worry about processing redemption with vouchers. That’s less work for you and staff while providing your customers more options for perks.

What Offers Work Best for Your Business

Take a few minutes to think about which marketplace offers compliment your business. Genesis currently does this by offering free shipping at to its health club members. A yoga studio without retail could offer their students a 20% discount at Gaiam to purchase yoga clothing and accessories. Consequently, if you’re retail, spa, or a salon, you could offer your clients yoga or barre classes. For online businesses, your customers are already online, so perhaps choose another online store or another local business from the marketplace. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

How to Add an Offer to Increase Customer Loyalty

Marketplace offers are only available to rewards program powered by Perkville. Here’s how to add a marketplace offer to your rewards program today:

1) Log into your Perkville business site and go to the Rewards Program page. Click on the plus sign next to "Rewards", and choose "Marketplace".

2) Add on the marketplace offer(s) to your rewards program. You can search by online availability, category, state, and country.

3) Enter a point value for that reward. You can use the suggested value as a guideline.

4) The marketplace reward will appear on your rewards page alongside your custom rewards. You can click the blue pencil icon to edit it at any time

5) The new reward will also appear on your customer facing perks page just as a custom reward would.

Need help? Check out our short article with screenshots on adding marketplace rewards.

What Next?

Now that your offer is added, time to spread the word and promote it to your customers! Put an announcement in your email newsletter and publish a post about your new perk on your social media accounts. You can use our handy templates for promoting your rewards program on social media. You’ll also want to make sure your staff knows about your new offerings – staff can be a great resource when it comes to advocating for your program, and keeping customers knowledgeable about your perks.

Want to learn more about the Perkville Marketplace and what it can do for your rewards program? Save a spot in our webinar on February 21.