The screenshot above shows two new features businesses can use when creating rewards.

It’s been a common request from businesses that they’d like to have more control over both the status of the voucher created for a reward, and the redemption instructions displayed on that voucher. These new options were designed to address those requests.

Previously, most vouchers were created with an Unused status and with the text “Print or show on phone” displayed on the voucher. In a simple case, the customers present the voucher to the business, and the business can then mark it as used. For certain types of rewards, especially when a coupon code or reward URL is displayed on the voucher, this isn’t an ideal solution.

Now you can set the initial status of the reward voucher when you edit or create a reward. You can stick with the default option of Unused but you can now also select either Issued or Used.

With a reward that is configured to display a coupon code or reward url on the voucher, the Issued status is the optimal choice because the customer doesn’t need to do anything with the voucher other than to use the code or click the URL. The new “Redemption instructions” field can be used to customize the instructions on the voucher. For example, “Please click on the link or use the code to get your reward.”

You may also want to create a voucher with a Used status. Every redemption creates a voucher, as this helps for record keeping and reporting, but creating a voucher with a Used status can be helpful if no other action is required by the user. In this case the Redemption Instructions can be used to present a congratulatory message for getting their reward.

These new options are also available for  referral offers. The redemption instructions will be displayed at the top of the email the referee receives when they claim the offer.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.35.09 AM

We hope that these new enhancements will help improve the redemption flow for your users.