Businesses work hard to build a brand that customers can trust.

Your website, logo and emails have been designed to represent what customers should expect from your business. Now imagine if your customer loyalty program did too. That’s why Perkville improved its branding capabilities.

What's new

We’ve added more customization options for colors, fonts, logos, opacity and images. You get more control over the look and feel of your rewards website and emails to more strongly represent your brand. When customers receive reward notifications about your program, they will truly see your brand- one they know and trust. Just look at this beautiful example:



Compressed brand 4

Makeover your rewards program

We’re offering the first customer to contact about this blog post a free rewards program makeover with our design consultant. Not a design expert? Short on time? This is the perfect opportunity to improve how your program looks at no cost. We’ll do all the work and feature a before and after of your reward program on our blog after it’s done. Win-win right? The first business to email us at gets this prize.

Get started today

It’s time to show off your business best self. Log into your Perkville account and go to Settings -> Branding to personalize up your rewards program today.