Looking for a cost-effective way to let potential customers know about your business? Social media can be a powerful tool but it’s not easy to get your customers to share how much they love your product or service with their friends.

To that end, Perkville just released a new Facebook Photo Campaign feature. Starting today businesses can give customers points for sharing photos highlighting the value of your product or service. For example, a gym might give photo points to members that show progress toward their fitness goals, an apparel shop could get its customers to show how cool they look in their outfits, a yoga studio could prompt its customers to show off their best yoga pose.

How does it works?

Setting up a campaign only takes a few minutes. Begin by creating a Facebook photo earning activity rule on Perkville. Create a unique hashtag and define a schedule for the campaign.


Once you’ve created your campaign, your customers can earn points for sharing a photo once per day. In order to earn points, customers must include a photo and the campaign hashtag in their Facebook post.


Measure the effectiveness and campaign reach by running a Facebook photo report in Perkville.



This new feature is included in your Perkville subscription at no additional cost. If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to send questions to support@perkville.com.