As you know, Facebook has been under fire recently for their developer platform. In response, Facebook is conducting an in-depth review of every app on their platform. They have promised to remove any app that does not meet their Platform Policy.

We conducted an audit of how we're using Facebook, and we need to make a couple changes:

  • Facebook does not allow anyone to incentivize points for photos. Therefore, we will soon disable the Points for Facebook Photos feature. We know that our customers like this feature, and we're sorry to have to remove it.
  • Facebook does not allow anyone to incentivize text input on location check-ins.
Therefore, we will soon be making text optional when a user submits a Facebook check-in. We've actually been thinking about making this change for some time, as many users would pass the character limit requirement by typing out low-quality, spammy updates. We believe this change will improve the quality of your Facebook check-in feed.

Facebook has stated that they may create more requirements in the future. We'll stay on top of those requirements, and if any further changes are required, we'll keep you in the loop.

Thank you,