As you know, Facebook has been under fire this year for their developer platform. In response, Facebook has been making changes to their application programming interfaces (APIs).  Yesterday, Facebook removed the ability for companies like Perkville to post check ins through their API. Due to this change, we’ve removed the ability for users to earn points for Facebook check ins.

We’re contacting Facebook to see if there is any other way we can track and reward check ins since their developer terms state this is allowed:

Facebook Platform Policy 4.5
"Only incentivize a person to log into your app, enter a promotion on your app’s page, check-in at a place, or to use Messenger to communicate with your business. Don’t incentivize other actions."

We’ll keep you in the loop on what we learn and if we can bring this feature back in a different format. In the meantime, businesses can still award for Tweets and all our other great features!

Thank you,